The concepts

The R JUMP AND JUMP ONLY are two fitness concepts based on the jump rope created by Brahima Cissoko former top level athletes in French boxing, the purpose of these concepts and to allow sir or madam everyone can practice the skipping rope while having fun


R JUMP is a fitness concept based on jumping ropes and associated with muscular reinforcement. This course is adapted to all.
What happens during class? We work on muscular reinforcement with one music. With the second song we learn one jumping rope step, and finally all of it makes a full choreography!


JUMP ONLY is a 45 minutes class, 100% cardio, entirely based on jumping ropes as well. It is all about learning techniques of alternated jumps, and recuperation steps. At the end of class, we’ll take all of those steps again to create a full choreography !

The benefits

It is the most complete training in the world. It helps the development of both left and right hemispheres, reinforces several parts of the body: shoulders, wrists, abs, dorsals, quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles.

It helps prevent circulatory problems such as varicose veins, and helps reduce cellulite.

Jumping ropes significantly increase stamina, which is why boxers use it to prep before a fight. It improves coordination, flexibility, tonifies and stregthens your muscles while fostering weight loss.

Did you know ?

10 minutes of non-stop jumping rope equals 30 minutes of jogging, 2 sets of a tennis match, 600 meters in the pool or 12 holes of a golf course.